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Stockton, California's oldest neighborhood outside of downtown.

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We're on a mission to keep our neighborhood safe and crime free!

A dedicated group of people who genuinely love Yosemite Street Village, and all that it has to offer: Starting with the people who care about all aspects of this historic community to the neighbors who live, work and play here. These efforts are the beginning of a positive revitalization on the 900 block of Yosemite Street between Acacia and Poplar Street. Friends Of Yosemite Street Village is an action based, grassroot committee that simply wants to see small efforts leading to big changes: to ensure this district is utilized to its fullest potential.

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Neighborhood Watch

Community Watch

Established November 2018. All neighbors in our community are encouraged to be our “eyes and ears” on the block of Yosemite Street Village. When driving home, please drive through the Village and make sure everything looks calm and cool. We invite you to join the official community watch page on Facebook for updates. 

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Business Watch

Established March 2019. The Yosemite Street Village block currently consists of 22 businesses and recently joined the Stockton Police Department Official Business Watch Group. Business Owner Lead: Jimboy Rabanel, Yosemite Meat Market & Deli.

Cleanup event volunteers

Upcoming Events

Yosmite Street Village Clean Up

November 21st @ 9AM

Friends of YSV is hosting its final YSV Neighborhood Cleanup event of the year on Sunday, Nov 21 at 9AM. The block is in need of pruning trees, power washing, and a little TLC along curbs & sidewalks. Bring your garden tools and gloves. It's also a chance to spruce up mini garden beds with a little weeding. If you would like to adopt a flowerbed on Yosemite Street, please contact Katya Evanhoe at

Holiday Season Kick-off & Small Business Saturday

November 30th Time TBA

Check back later for updates!

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Yosemite Street

Building community through giving.

Many of the challenges facing Yosemite Street Village are not unusual for urban neighborhoods, but that does not mean that the neighborhood should be passive. If YSV is to become a healthier neighborhood it must have good housing for its residents, standards of public safety that encourage children and families to feel safe and thrive. It is a street that has vitality, and a population of residents and business owners who work collaboratively and actively to ensure that the quality of life on the block of Yosemite Street is positive and vibrant.

Participation and resident leadership are the keys to creating a strong neighborhood that identifies needs, advocates for change, and creates the resources to ensure success. Your participation is vital as it empowers and impacts this historic Stockton neighborhood gem, to care for it continuously and to create positive changes for everyone’s joy.

What Do I Have to Do To Join?

You are automatically a member if you live in, own property, or work in or near Yosemite Street Village. Members are encouraged to attend meetings and comment about what they would like YSV to address. Join a YSV committee! See below a list of committees created to match your interest & talent.

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Adopt-A-Flowerbed on Yosemite Street

Join your neighbors and help make Yosemite Street Village a greener and beautiful place for all to enjoy. An invitation to local individuals to join this community flower-bed campaign to care for our street. By adopting a flowerbed, a required weekly visit to the site is necessary to ensure good health of plants, watering, and keeping the area clear of debris.

If possible, a photograph should be taken of the plot prior to commencing work and a second photograph within the year. This will indicate any changes and improvements that may have occurred.

For more information contact Katya Evanhoe at

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Friends of YSV Committee Members

Miguel Guillen
Miguel Guillen 


Juliann Contreras
Juliann Contreras


Jimboy Rabanal
Jimboy Rabanal

Business Watch Capitan

Lenzi Leonard
Lenzi Leonard

YSV Business Liaison

Saul Serna
Saul Serna

Arts & Entertainment

Leslie Nakao-Edman
Leslie Nakao-Edman

Advisor & Friend of YSV

Katya Evanhoe
Katya Evanhoe

YSV Fairy Garden Mother


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